East Forest's
"Urban Ceremony" at Lightbox, NYC

For a weekend of meditative sound baths, tea ceremonies, movement, and live sonic soundscapes, we teamed up with David Lobser to produce two full days of interactive, generative 3D visuals at Lightbox NYC. Exploring sacred ceremony in the heart of Times Square.

Interactive, sound responsive visuals are controlled live, with visual elements generated from bio-feedback "wearable" devices worn by the performers, streaming data wirelessly to the control station during the performance.

Mind Control

Wearing an EEG headband, the "brainwaves" of the performer stream wirelessly to the generative visual playback system. The EEG data is mapped to different visual parameters, allowing the performer to control the video projections with their mind. Literally.


When the performer is in a highly focused state of concentration, the lines in the visual become tighter and more clearly defined.


When the performer is lacking concentration, the lines dissolve, and the particles spread out with increasing entropy.